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T R E A T M E N T  F O R  S U N  D A M A G E D  S K I N

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If you have developed dark spots from exposure to the sun, acne scars, or both, now is the time to take action and reverse the damage. 

Keep your skin healthy and radical-free.

Visit our Beauty Department for a product description, Skin Assessment & Advice on After sun treatments.

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We have great news!  As you may remember, back in 2015 we announced the “phasing out” of the NHS discount and over the past 4 years we have reduced this discount to 10%.  The discount was meant to end next year, but following a restructuring of finances and introduction of costs saving measures we are delighted to announce that we will not be removing this discount and will be keeping the discount open at 10% off listed prices.  Further to this, we will also be opening up this discount to existing members not already receiving the rates and new members signing up.  We will however be “testing”  eligibility on application and then annually thereafter, only offering the discount to people who are directly employed in the following roles:

  1. Front-line Emergency Services
  2. Hospital Staff
  3. Employees directly involved in the day-today running of any hospital, doctors surgery or NHS Dentist Surgeries.

Application to members who are not already receiving this discount and new members will be made via an online form Click Here to complete the form and we will email you to confirm eligibility.

If you are currently a member receiving the 10% discount there should be nothing further to do at this time, other than spreading the word to your friends, family and a colleagues.


Please note that the B4399 at Holme Lacy Village will be closed between:

Monday 22nd July and Wednesday 24th July (Inclusive)

09:00hrs till 17:00hrs Daily

Please CLICK HERE to download the Balfour Beatty document relating to the closure.  If you do not normally travel through Holme Lacy Village to the club, this does not effect you. 


Since the new year we have been planning our maintenance tasks for the coming 12 months.  These maintenance tasks will be more than just our normal day-to-day maintenance and involve some major renovation work.  We have not published these plans until now as we’ve been “dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s”, but can now reveal what we have planned.  Of course, there will be many other items of maintenance continuing as normal, but below we have made a chronological chart of the “Headline” plans that may be of interest:

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Following a threat of caravans being parked on our car park this weekend, both our entrance and exit barriers will be locked outside of our normal opening hours. 

OPENING UP – Barriers will be unlocked either 15 minutes prior to the clubs official opening time or 15 minutes prior to the first class start time. 

CLOSING UP – On closing, the entrance barrier will be locked 15 minutes prior to closing and the exit barrier 10 minutes after closing. We are aware that some members currently arrive early in the mornings and ask if you may allow us to open the barriers prior to driving in. 

Many thanks for your cooperation and understanding.


Hydro-Spa Pool Closed – Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th March

Over the past 6 months, as some members will know, we have had ongoing issues with the system controlling the Hydro-spa Pool.  This has resulted in intermittent closures of the Hydro Spa whilst we have attempted to “fix” the controller.  Enough is now enough and to ensure a consistent service we have decided to replace the controlling system in the plant room below.  This is not a small task and will take about 2 days to complete.  The works will start on the morning of Monday the 11th of March and fingers crossed we should have the Spa open for normal service on Wednesday morning.  We understand the popularity of this facility and give as much advance notice as possible of its closure.  Ultimately, we cannot continue with the old, unreliable system and need something not just more robust, but easier to get spare parts for.  We thank in advance for your understanding and as normal, all other areas of the club will be open as normal.


Back by popular demand

Throughout January 2019, if you book yourself in for a Murad Mini Facial you receive with it free of charge 20 minute Express Indian Head massage. Then for only £5.25 extra we’ll throw-in our wonderful Sensational Eyes Treatment as well.

Murad Mini Facial, Express Indian Head Massage & Our Sensational Eyes Treatment for Only £35.00 Total

This offer is available for the whole of January ’19 with Martha, Gail and Jasmine

The combination of our Murad mini facial and express Indian head will leave you floating away from your treatment and after the Christmas rush it will be a perfect way to wind down and treat yourself to what you deserve.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer and contact us in the beauty salon to get yourself or loved ones booked in.

Call us on 01432 860860 (Option 2).

Please leave us a message if we are in treatment and we’ll call back as soon as we can.


We are currently updating the Wye Fitness or Technogym Systems to allow for Class Bookings to be undertaken via the Wye Fitness App.  This involves the merging of data between two systems and involves a matching process.  Some members may have received emails from Technogym MyWellness already, but if you’d like to familiarize yourselves with whats going on…

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On the 24th of December we have arranged for our builders to start a floor replacement to Pool Hall 2.  Pool Hall 2 WILL BE CLOSED on this day.  Access to Pool Hall 1 will NOT be via this pool hall.  We will be making rudimental preparations to allow access via the main reception, out onto an OUTDOOR PATH, running alongside the Green Man Gardens, with access into pool hall 1 by the spa pools.  Anyone visiting on the 24th December, to make use of Pool Hall 1 (the family area) will only be able to get access this way.  Access will go back to normal on the 26th December.  

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On Friday (30th November 18) we had an issue with the Hydro Spa Pool.  The control panel that runs everything, all of the pumps, air blowers and machines that keep it going went wrong.  Initially we though the issue could be fixed with a few fuses being changed but it seems the PCB board has gone. 

We have good news as the part is already on order but there is bad news as well, the part is not UK stocked and special order.  Rest assured, as soon as the part touches the club we’ll have engineers here to fit and the fingers crossed, things should be back up and running.

From a time-scale point of view, we know that things normally take 3-4 days to arrive from Europe and then a day to fit, but a further day and half to fill and bring back to temperature.  With the weekend included, we are looking at the Hydro Spa being out of action until the end of next week at the earliest.  We will however update here and Facebook if we get things running sooner. 

Obviously the remainder of the club is still open as normal and as you know we’ll always do our best to get things up and running as quickly as possible. 


Wye Leisure Gymathon 2018

16 back-to-back fitness classes are to be held as part of the Wye Leisure 2018 Charity Gymathon. The classes will consist of Spin, Zumba, Barre Concept, H.I.I.T, Yoga, Ab Blast, Pilates and Spin Circuits. Whether you have experience of fitness classes or a total beginner this Gymathon is a great way for you to try new classes and get involved.Little-Princess-Trust-Logo

£5.00 Per Class (All proceeds to The Little Princess Trust)
All Bookings via the Main Club Reception
Call: 01432 860860

Download Gymathon Timetable Here


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