Planned Maintenance in October, November & December

In chronological order

Pool Hall 2 This work has now been completed – see below for further works

Starting on Monday, 8th October 2018 we will be carrying out building works to Pool Hall 2.  These works are to tile both ends of the pool hall.  In order to carry this out our builders will construct safety screens to allow the swimming pool to be used.  However at times, if may be necessary to close the pool itself.  We will keep closures to a minimum.  Access to Pool Hall 1 (the large pool in the family area) and the beauty department will not be affected.  Unfortunately, there will be noise and a reduction in seating around the pool.

Pool Hall 3:

Once the builders have finished works to pool hall 2, as stated above, they will move to Pool Hall 3 (the adults pool hall).  They will be working on the ramp leading down to the showers, sauna, steam room and spa pool.  The pool hall and remainder of areas will be open, but the ramp and facilities it leads to will be closed whilst this work is carried out. 

Post Update (24th October 2018)
Work will start on Sunday 28th October at 6.00pm.  The ramp and facilities mentioned will be re-opened by Friday 2nd November.  All other areas of Pool Hall 3 (The adults only pool hall), remain open as normal.


Pool Hall 2:

On the 24th of December we have arranged for our builders to start a floor replacement to Pool Hall 2.  Pool Hall 2 WILL BE CLOSED on this day.  Access to Pool Hall 1 will NOT be via this pool hall.  We will be making rudimental preparations to allow access via the main reception, out onto an OUTDOOR PATH, running alongside the Green Man Gardens, with access into pool hall 1 by the spa pools.  Anyone visiting on the 24th December, to make use of Pool Hall 1 (the family area) will only be able to get access this way.  Access will go back to normal on the 26th December.  

Please Note:  Access to the family area on the 24th December will be via the Lobby, Reception and an external (non-covered) pathway.