Q: Where do we report / go to?

Please note the following answer is not relevant until the New Studio Building is Operational!!

A: Classes being undertaken in Studio 1 or Studio 2 will be in the main studio building.  Access to this building is NOT via the main club reception, but has its own separate entrance from the car park.  The main  door into the building will open 5 minutes prior to any class start time, unless another class is in progress (If the lights are on in the lobby area, the building is open).  If you are booked onto the class you can report directly to the trainer within the appropriate studio, there is no need to visit the main club first.

A: Aqua Aerobics classes are normally taken in either Pool 1 or Pool 2 inside the main club building.  Entrance should be gained via the turnstiles at reception and you should report to the trainer in the relevant pool.  Please feel free to ask a member of staff if you are unsure which pool you will be in.