The Importance of Wearing a Sports Bra Cont’

Health Risks Caused by Ill Fitting Bras

It has been widely documented by Physios and Chiropractors that wearing an ill fitting bra causes many health risks to women all over the world.  80% of women today are still wearing ill-fitting underwear that can lead to both minor but uncomfortable complaints or to more serious long term chronic pains.

Importance of wearing a Sports Bra

Research has shown that wearing a sports bra whilst you exercise drastically reduces breast movement.  Only skin & Cooper’s ligaments support breast tissue and any excessive amount of breast movement puts strain on these ligaments causing irreversible damage. Up. Down. Sideways. When you move during exercise, so do your breasts. Again and again and again. This repetitive bouncing can stress, stretch and irreversibly damage the cooper’s ligaments. And damage here can cause your breasts to sag and droop.  Once breasts have dropped because of stretching these ligaments, nothing can naturally restore them to their former position.  By properly supporting your breasts during exercise, a good sports bra dramatically reduces movement in all directions therefore keeping you comfortable and your breasts in great shape.

Sports bras that are designed to fit both cup and back, offer the best fit and support.  When looking for a Sports bra you should look for 4 key qualities:

•    Quick dry performance fabrics eliminate rubbing in key hotspot areas and improving body temperature regulation during exercise.
•    A sports bras need to work as hard as you during your work out therefore choose one that uses durable, abrasion resistant fabrics which minimise fabric pilling.
•    Moisture wicking fabrics draw sweat away from the body, ensuring your skin keeps dry for a more comfortable work out.
•    Breathable sports performance fabrics are essential as they allow air to circulate to the skin, keeping you cool when exercising.