As we move through the coming weeks we will publish updates and documents here.  The core publications will be at the top of the page and we will note any policy changes in a chronological order below these, together with the date and time of each amendment.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 01432 860860 (option 3) or by email:


Please see below a Flow Chart and Information for Members – Click on each to Download a PDF Version







Amendment to the Adult+Child Ratio – Added at 18:14hrs – 02/08/2020

The following text has been extracted from an email sent out this evening.  To view the email in it’s entirety, Please Click Here.

“Now we have got our first week under our belts, we have decided to increase the ratio of children to adults, previously 1:1. We are aware of how limiting this has been to our members with children and can confirm that as of Monday 3rd August this ratio will be increased to 1:2 (1 Adult to 2 Children). This of course pending the correct Adult+Child slot has been booked via the WyeFitness App or by calling us on 01432 860860 (Option 3).

As with everything we are doing, this will be monitored and it may be possible to make further relaxations to our rules/policies. Likewise, if needed, this relaxation could be reversed, however we hope this will not be required.

Any Adult+Child booking already made will allow an adult member to bring in either 1 or 2 children at any one time. You do not need to change any booking already made. You do not need to tell us prior to your visit how many children you are bringing.”


Kitchen Re-Opening on Saturday 1st August – Added at 15:15hrs – 30/07/2020

To view the email sent out to members signed up to receive Social Media mailshots, in relation to the Kitchen Re-Opening and menu restrictions, Please Click Here


4 Week Temporary Exercise Class Timetable (starting w/c 27th July) – Added at 13:12hrs – 20/07/2020

We have now put together the first 4 weeks of classes starting as of the w/c 27th July.  Please Click Here for more details


Update to Member/Usage Limitations during Phased Reopening – Added at 12.29hrs – 15/07/2020

Following feed back from members we have decided to tweak the booking process via the WyeFitness App.  This is in an effort to ensure a fairer booking process for all users.  Below we have outlined how the booking process will be running for the opening, but is all changeable as we learn the new normal:

Bookings will go live as of Wednesday the 22nd of July at 12.00 Noon
Members who have chosen to restart their memberships and not move across to a Pay-as-you-go scheme will be given a 5hr window to book their slots before bookings opens at 12 Noon. Ability will be  bookable to a predefined percentage, so to leave slots remaining for other users on the Pay-as-you-go system.
In the first instance, there will be a limitation to book a maximum of 3 slots per day.  This is worked out based on one usage in the club and up to two classes, however we will monitor and this manage this on a case-by-case basis.
A maximum of 12 slots in any two week period will be bookable.  This again will be monitored and manged accordingly, in an effort to be as fair as possible to all users trying to get slots.
All participants must notify the reception staff on arriving to the club or to the instructor in the class, to register your attendance
You may cancel a booking up to 90 minutes prior to your booking, otherwise you will be classed as a no-show.
Users having 3 no-shows or more within a 90 day period, will be blocked from booking for a period of 30 days.


Update to Member/Usage Limitations during Phased Reopening – Added at 12:09hrs – 10/07/2020

A revision to the Member/Usage Limitations during our phased reopen has been undertaken.  We will not be limiting members on Entries (Guest Entries) usage of the facility as previously mentioned in the email and update of the 09/07/20.  People on Guest entries will be allowed to make use of the facility in the manner set out for Full Time and Off Peak members.  People who make use of the facility via Guest Entries will still need to inform us of there wish to do so, in order for us to set things up on the WyeFitness App.  This can be done via the online form – Click Here  Additionally, people making use of the club on guest entries are classed as “Fee paying adults” so will be entitled to bring in children as stated previously.


And we are back – Email Sent out to members – Added at 17:58hrs – 09/07/2020


Sixteen weeks ago we wrote a blog post about closing our doors. Today we have great news and a more upbeat theme about re-opening! It’s rather a long update, so please persevere. 

The government is now allowing our sector to re-open if we are all cautious, alert and abide by the rules. Over the past weeks we have noted what other countries are doing and what other sectors within the UK are being asked to do, in order to provide a safe environment to their customers. We await the final guidance from government and will implement any further changes to what we have already undertaken to ensure we do not just meet these criteria, but we surpass it.

Our intention is to start a phased re-opening from Monday the 27th of July, but will give more information about how, what and when we’ll open over the coming days. We will send this out via mail and update this web page.

During the normal running of the club we are very familiar to adhering with stringent protocols and regulations, whether that be in maintaining water quality or following food hygiene regulations. Prior to lock-down we set the standard with our Washy-Washy station on entering the club and it’s innovation like this that help us show our customers that we take the health and safety of our customers and staff very seriously. Over the past weeks we have started to carry out risk assessments to help us provide a Covid-Safe environment, we’ve installed screens to protect our staff and invested in a state of the art Thermal Scanning system to be used on all staff and customers entering the building.

Making use of Wye Leisure like other activities we are used to undertaking, will not be as before lock-down. Not in the short-term anyway. To implement social distancing measures, in the short-term we will be limiting the usage of club’s facilities. Re-opening will be undertaken in phases, to which we will be publishing a timeline and flow chart on what we will be opening, when we will be opening and how members should make use of the club. These details will be emailed out over the coming days and shown in a Re-Opening Information Document that will be published on our Covid-19 Webpage. Once published (please give us a few days to finalise), we urge all members to view this information to get a clear understanding of how we are opening and how members would go about making use of the club. In the short-term we will be asking members to pre-book slots to make use of the club, whether that be for the Gym or Pool facilities, like we have done in the past for classes. These slots will be bookable via the WyeFitness App or by calling the club and speaking with the reception staff. Further details will be published over the coming days.

We are very aware that whilst some members are very keen to get back into their old routines, other members are not quite ready. Some members are asking us not to re-start memberships yet, as they cannot make use of the club in a manner to which they’d like. This may be due to them working extra hours in front line positions, socially isolating (as they are in the at-risk groups) or don’t have the finances to “switch back on” their memberships at this time.

Throughout lock-down we have constantly said we will try our very best to be fair to our members and staff. Therefore, in the short-term, whilst social distancing is still ongoing and pending review, we will only re-start memberships when individuals are ready or if the need to socially distance is removed. We are also aware that the manner in which we will need to operate the facility in the short-term may also reflect the decision of members on whether to make use of the club and it’s facilities, if by implementing our new policies and procedures (to create a Covid-Safe environment) means that members can’t actually make as much use of the club as they would like. We also acknowledge that it is highly possible that some members may get notified by the government track and trace system to quarantine for 14 days. With all of this in mind we feel the fairest way to re-start usage is to let you, the members inform us how you’d like to return.

Anyone who was a member on closing the club, on the 18th of March 2020 will be given the following options:

1. Remain Frozen:
Whilst social distancing measures are in place any member may leave their memberships frozen. Only to be “turned back on” once things return back to some normality. At such time any unused membership will be re-started, so not loosing any membership already paid for.

2. To Restart Memberships with any remaining, unused membership being used and then continuing with either monthly, quarterly or annual payments.

Given the short-term usage being via Bookable Slots and limitations this may bring to some users we will also be introducing a Pay-as-you-go option:

3. Pay-as-you-go:
Members will be given the option to turn any remaining membership into credit, held on individuals credit accounts within our membership software and this may be used to then purchase usage of the clubs facilities in a Pay-As-You-Go manner. (Prices to be confirmed in the coming days) As we move forward and as this credit gets used, additional credit can be added to keep access going in this Pay-As-You-Go way.

As we move through the coming weeks and months, we will also allow members to switch between these 3 options. So if members decide to start with a Pay-as-you-go option but feel they’d like to switch to a straight forward membership fee or vice-versa, this will be accommodated. Likewise, anyone who needs to re-freeze memberships that have been re-started will be allowed to do so without penalty.

In the short-term, we will be applying some limitations to what members can do, over and above our normal rules and conditions of use. In an effort to be open and transparent, we list some headline limitations below:

1. In order to make use of the club Members must first notify us of their intention from the 3 options shown above. This can be easily done via an online form – Click Here or by calling the club between 10.00am and 3.00pm Monday to Friday – 01432 860860 (Option 3). Please leave a message out of hours and we will call you back – (These hours will be extended as we move closer to reopening). We will then make the necessary amendments to our membership system.

2. Usage of the club will only be possible if a Pre-Booked Slot/Reservation has been made via the WyeFitness App (in the same manner as you would have booked a class)

3. Members will not be able to bring in guests at this time

4. Children cannot reserve slots, however any adult booking the correct slot may bring in up to one child on the adult’s reservation, providing that the child resides at the same address or is in the guardianship of the attending adult member and then providing that the child held a valid membership as at the 18th of March 2020. A strict ratio of 1:1 (1 child to 1 fee paying adult) will be operation until further notice. Note: This ratio is inclusive of children and babies under the age of 5.

5. Users of the club on Guest Entries will not be able to make use of the club at this time. (This will be revised every two weeks).

6. Club users with any symptom of Covid-19 (where information cannot be given as to any other health related reason for having such symptoms) must not attempt to make use of the facility and will be asked to leave.

7. Club users will be automatically scanned with thermal screening systems on entering the building. Access will be stopped to any club user if found to be 37.8ºC or hotter.

8. In the short-term we will not be taking cash payments and ask all customers to settle bills with Credit, Debit/Credit Card or Contactless.

9. Club users must adhere to all processes introduced as part of our Covid-19 Safe risk assessments. These risk assessments will be published soon on our Covid-19 webpage and regularly reviewed

The above list shows only a few of the main headline limitations/restrictions with further protocols and policies being shown within our risk assessments. All will be constantly reviewed and amended with updates published on our Covid-19 webpage.

As we re-open, we’ll reflect on the “new normal” and steer the business, amending our policies through these challenging times.

In an effort to allow our users the ability to make use of the club, we have decided that in the short-term not to take on any new members. As we get an understanding of usage and open up some restrictions to our current members, this is something we will revise. We have had a lot of interest in membership from prospective customers and ask anyone who is thinking of joining to let us know of your interest by contacting us via our Contact Us Form and we’ll update you as soon as this policy is lifted.

By now I’m sure you’ve had enough to digest. Over the coming days we will publish further documents and guidance, advertising these on our Covid-19 webpage, via email and where appropriate via social media.

We are sure that some of our decisions in how we are re-opening will be met with positive and negative views. It is our intention to be as fair as possible to all club users and provide a balanced, sensible approach, with a good foundation to move forward from. We hope that the majority of our customers can see our best intentions and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Lastly, we’ve not mentioned the B4224 and works by the council to fix it since the landslide. This may also impact members decisions to make use of the club. We have good news and bad news in regard to the road. The good news is that works at Lechmere Lay are coming on nicely and on time. It’s likely that this will be ready in the coming weeks. The bad news is that the other part of the road hasn’t started yet, but we are told, work is imminent and should be completed by the end of October(ish). We are also being told there may be a small chance it may open up on a traffic light system. However, in the meantime, it’s a trip around Haugh Woods, as before. If anyone would like to catch up on the Fownhope Parish Councils newsletters/updates on the road together on other topics in the area, we’ve popped a link to these past emails – Click Here or you can subscribe to receive these Parish Updates by Clicking Here

Assuring you of our best intentions at all times and looking forward to updating you further.

Yours sincerely,

The Williams Family